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Day 1: Amman Airport / Amman
Arrival at Queen Alia International Airport. Transfer to Amman for dinner and an overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 2: Amman / Wadi Ibn Hammad
Transfer to Wadi Ibn Hammad to hike (4-5 hours) : a beautiful Wadi with mountains, hot springs and waterfalls. There, you will walk in the water. The water level in the canyon can reach up to knee level and even to waist level, depending of the season. Hot spring swimming pool is a nice relief after trekking. Dinner and camping.

Day 3: Wadi Ibn Hammad  / Wadi Hessa / Feynan
After breakfast, go to Wadi Hessa for a 2 hour hike : spectacular views, subtropical oasis, sandstone narrow siq, lush hanging gardens and waterfalls. Lunch, transfer to Feynan by car.  Dinner and camping.

Day 4: Feynan / Wadi El Gweir / Wadi Araba
After breakfast, go to Wadi El Gweir for 2 hour hike : there is a stream flowing in the canyon and you find your feet in the water. In springtime, the ponds can be deeper, and it is possible that you have to swim for a few meters. You'll see the hanging gardens of ferns and palms and also beautiful dark green mountains (copper). Lunch, then, go to Wadi Araba. Dinner and camping.

Days 5 & 6: Wadi Araba
Two full days horse riding in Wadi Araba. Wadi Araba is one of the Jordanian deserts. It’s 200 to 300 meters below sea level and the climate is very warm. You will enjoy the peaceful and wonderful scenery with plenty of dunes and valleys. Camping.

Day 7: Wadi Araba  / Petra
Full day in Petra. The visit will start from the back road of the ancient city (from Little Petra to the Monastery…). Dinner and night at the hotel.

Day 8: Little Petra / Ferch / Al Hesha / Petra
Full day trekking in Little Petra – Ferch (high place with panorama) – Al Hesha with stunning view of Petra mountains, Little Petra and Wadi Musa. Dinner and night in bedouin cave.

Day 9: Petra / Radjef / Glara / Thora
By car, transfer to Radjef and Glara. From there, camel riding to go to Thora where there is a nice view of Wadi Rum mountains. Dinner and camping.

Day 10: Thora / Wadi Rum
Camel riding to go to Wadi Rum. Dinner and camping.

Day 11: Wadi Rum
Jeep tour in Wadi Rum to visit the most interesting places in this desert: Lawrence Spring, Siq Khaz ali, Red Dune, Um Fruth Rock Bridge, Burda Rock Bridge, Lawrence House, An-Faishyya inscriptions. Dinner and camping.

Day 12: Wadi Rum / Amman Airport
Transfer to Queen Alia International Airport.


                Adventure tour

                      Bedouin style tour (​​12 days / 11 nights)

"Bedouin style tour" means hiking on shepherds' paths, going through canyons to find water and mountains to find pasture, discovering local fauna and flora, learning how to cook bedouin recipes on the fire, looking for herbs and collecting wood, camping under the stars or in caves, and sharing tea with the people you meet on the way...

Below is an example of an itinerary to enjoy such an adventure. 




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